Dear IWF Turkey members;

I am grateful to all the wonderful women who worked hard to form IWF Turkey’s vision, mission in its formation stage and bring together women leaders in our community to create impact for our childrens’ future.

Today, we are living in a world where internet, social media, communication technologies are resulting in rapid globalization, bringing our small world much closer. Unfortunately, this closeness is isolating people more than ever. Today, we need more bridges, new sharing models, creating places for women to grow and blossom intellectually and socially.

In the upcoming period, we need to make important steps towards strengthening and broadening women leadership in Turkey by sharing our knowledge, our experiences. We need to unite women leaders in all fields that share a common goal of fostering and encouraging social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities and learn from one another, work on being and creating role models. The mentorship program we initiated last term is a very important step towards this goal, and we need to develop and implement it this term to full benefit.

While we are trying to create value for women with leadership potentials, I believe creating a fun and supporting environment, creating learning opportunities, and expanding our own potentials by bringing speakers from different fields like international affairs, scientific developments, human rights, art, law, sports is very important for keeping ourselves motivated during our very intensive work schedules.

The next few years will be exciting ones, full of promise and potential. As a team, using the advantages of being together and using our common wisdom, keeping in mind local and global facts, with an approach that is open to innovations, libertarian, in peace with social values, we will continue to be zealous to present all kinds of positive contributions towards the goal of creating a better world.

I would like to thank every one of you for the support you are giving to nurture IWF Turkey to develop and create value. The strength of our reputation will not only benefit future members, but also the boundless global community that will gain from IWF Turkey’s knowledge leadership.

I am honored to be in this position. My hope is to inspire you; inspire you to get involved; and inspire more women to become part of this wonderful organization.

With best wishes

Aytül Erçil