The IWF Turkey is a subsidiary of International Women’s forum founded in USA in 1982.

The IWF brings together an unprecedented global membership to exchange ideas, to learn, inspire, and to build better leadership for a changing world. This vision is realized through global conferences, training and mentoring programs and our networks of global forums. IWF provides one-of–a-kind programming designed by world leaders, for world leaders, both present and future. IWF provides a platform for leaders to meet among their peers in an environment where meaningful partnerships and friendships can grow and form.

Today, IWF with more than 6,400 members continues to build better global leadership across careers, cultures and continents by uniting the world’s most preeminent women through training, mentoring, and connectivity.

IWF turkey has been founded in 2014 by a group of passionate, successful women with different career who are keen in developing and increasing women’s leadership within Turkey. Our Mission firstly to increase women leadership in selected areas with the help of substantiated Successful Turkish Women. Within this framework our goal is to help innovative, entrepreneurs, who are problem solvers, successful and energetic to appreciate their potential and to support and guide them in their journey to become leaders in their field.

As stated by Kim Campbell, the 19th and only women prime minister of Canada (1993) IWF is an organisation for women who are too busy to become a member of an organisation.