Deloitte Turkey and CFA Society of Istanbul event

7th of March Deloitte Turkey and CFA Society of Istanbul host an event together, In this event there was a panel session in which 3 successful women from different corporate structures shared their personal adventure and experiences as a woman in the corporate world and their personal lives. One of the subject was whether or not they would choose the same career path if they had a chance to start again, the answer of the 3 panelists was yes.

They all talked about their real life experience and how important to have more and more woman role models in the worklife. The opening speech of the event was done by, the coordinator of CFA Society of Istanbul Mrs. İlke Homriş. After her welcome speech the panel session started in which Vice President of CFA Society in İstanbul Mr. Ertunç Tümen moderated, Mrs. Zümrüt Arol Bekçe General Manager of BKM, Mrs. Funda Güngör Akpınar Koç Holding Strategic Planning and Investment Relations Coordinator, and Mrs. Sibel Çetinkaya Deloitte Turkey partner Head of Advisory and and member of Executive Board were the panelists.




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